Monday, July 25, 2011

Bone Marrow Stuffed Mushrooms

Bone Marrow Stuffed Mushrooms: "


I was visiting with Mr. Anderson and saw some beautiful King trumpet mushrooms sitting on a cutting board. The mushrooms looked like bones and I had an a-ha moment, we could stuff the mushrooms with bone marrow and really make them look like bones. The flavors would be fantastic together and it would be a clever riff on the ubiquitous stuffed mushroom. In this first version we sauteed the mushrooms first. Once they were browned we deglazed them with white wine and let them steam to cook through. When the mushrooms were cooked and cooled, we trimmed them and used a knife to carve out holes in their middles. Then we stuffed each mushroom with a large section of bone marrow. Finally we wrapped them and chilled them in the refrigerator so they would hold their shape. Tomorrow we will trim the marrow and then use the trimmings to cook the mushrooms before finishing them with fresh herbs and bringing them to the table. It's always nice to have something yummy to look forward to.

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