Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pneumatic Parliament

In Robert Fisk in Egypt: "Death throes of a dictatorship" post at BoingBoing...

RebNachum (10:01 PM, Jan 29):
Well, this is what I'm saying. I share the same worries/ignorance; the Muslim Brotherhood would not be my preferred regime change either, or ought be for many who advocate the cause of personal freedom and civil rights, but it's too early to tell, I suppose.

Kuja (sometime, Jan 30):
Agree, but one have to recognize that install a democracy over dictatorship pronto is not a trivial task (in fact, it is an American illusion). I'd rather go with Peter Sloterdijk, who imagined that the US Force should parachute a "pneumatic parliament" at a recently conquered barbarian country (or even at a recently overthrown dictatorship; it might work for Tunisia, Egypt, etc.)