Sunday, July 24, 2005

Everything Has Its First Time

Well... Resistance is futile. My first podcast is up and running. Thanks to Ourmedia and FeedBurner. Go and listen Renato Carosone, Donald Duck, Monty Python... For now, it is in Portuguese. Adam Curry and Sirius: watch out!
UPDATE (08-07): I was obliged to withdraw my acknowledgement to Ourmedia, because they simply fade away my two podcasts shows. I recognize that nobody is perfect in this event - as my podcasts are not podsafe at all - but I was expecting a minimal decorum of them. Ourmedia is a free service and, for that reason, attracts a lot of freeloaders. As one of them, I can't complain, but I can send to them ketchup packets with tiny holes, as suggests my friend David Blumenstein, who kindly had offered a hosting space for me. Thank you, David!