Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Orkut Curse

Is it not curious how some people take Orkut too seriously? Hey, this is just a botched social network. Maybe Google never will leverage it to a more efficient application. A friend of mine has said, some years ago, that Internet is not so different from real life. As to say, trolls and baddies in real life tend to be trolls and baddies in cyberspace. How ironic is Orkut environment! People who are profiling themselves as "open spirit" and "free to make new friends" don't think twice before deny a friend addition from an unknown or an indirect friend. Ok, I'm being somewhat bitter with those poor souls, even because I must accept that we live in a neotribalist world. A gang of four will be ever a gang of four, not five, six, or thousand. But is this the best way to combat the orkutsluts? I don’t think so. Six degrees of separation? I don't think so. Better say: eons of separation. This is the curse of modern times.

[Listening to: Jim White - Alabama Chrome]