Saturday, May 29, 2004

FeedBurner and Realkulture

FeedBurner, among several other things, inserts an image inside blog's feeds. Guess what is mine? Do you remember the old sci-fi TV series, The Invaders? Go figure. Some real culture gunsights for the weekend: a vast and enlightening frontline's interview with David Crosby, the only folk singer legend with guts. PDU-1, a strange and beauty "novella of the remote future" written by F. E. Potts, a founding mother who had built an outpost on the Aleut land. And, last but not least, the new book from the Mozambican writer Mia Couto, a good example of real literature.

[Listening to: Kenny Larkin - Tedra]

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Polymath Girl

Suw Charman, a Welsh girl who began her career writing for BBC Wales, is the new blog queen. Who would say that a girl living now in Dorset would arouse the attention span from high ranking fellows like Sébastien Paquet and Doc Searls? The English word for "welsh" means "foreigner" or "outsider", but Suw is not an outsider anymore. She is the new blog queen. Bonus link: Futurama Panoramas.

[Listening to: a mixing of particulate solids radio from Bratislava/Slovakia]

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sexton, Lies and Video Arts

Art is dead more than ever. Curators, artists and others scumbags ought to put a Bounty's chocolate bar above their loser's egos and wait for the worst. That's why I love Netochka Nezvanova and her iconoclast rants against the "motherfuckers" who insist in exhibit "occident kommercial refuse" in modern galleries. She is the brain who had written Nato.0+55, a software that manipulates video for live performance and installations. She has been accusing Cycling '74, a San Francisco software company, of stealing her code. Has she or not the right to despise the 21th century ennui? In fact, nobody knows if Netochka is really a real person or a group. Whatever is the true, she is my new hero and the one who could prevent me to flee to Gunkanjima. She and Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11".

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WordPress Micro Review

After the fresh installing of Apache/1.3.31, MySQL 4.0.20 and PHP 4.3.6 (Zend's terrific job), I finally got WordPress 1.0.2 up and running in my Red Hat 7.1, the box I fondly call of "corral". I won't make a full review here, because I want to let this job for the pros, namely Mark Pilgrim et caterva. In a few words, WordPress is a revolution in the CMS area (pun not intended) due to its feature galore and clean architecture. At a first sight, the code is a cargo cult full of fancy tricks, but with a closer look, one will note that the code is simply poetry. Post searching, categories management, links ranking, placement of GeoURL ICBM location and a truly complete options list are a few qualities to mention. Matt and his gang have rescued my faith in humanity.

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