Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tuvalu Pythoness

Who could imagine that the Greek Delphi priestess would transfer her temple to Tuvalu? Not exactly to the geographic South Pacific island, but an Icann domain. In ILUVU.TV, one will discover that the priestess is divining the future through television messages with amazing personal accuracy and acute vision. This makes sense, since Tuvalu domain is .tv, right? Quoting the release, it works through a combination of methodologies involving her blue-blocking wrap-around shades and the ILUVU.TV proprietary technique called Th(m)eme Mapping, which uses the remote as a tool for harnessing the meta stories inside the television set, channeling, as it were, the samples of wisdom between the TV scan lines. Don't know how it is true, but the effect is unforggetable.