Wednesday, May 05, 2004


When Mark Frauenfelder got the ringworm in Rarotonga, I humbly suggested him look for some advice in Dermatologic Image Database. Many days after, he helped me too. Indirectly, I mean. How? He put out a post in Mad Professor about Zicam, a new medicine, or better say, a method for refrain the cold virus action in the turbinates of the nose. Inspired by that, I made a little adaptation, covering the Q-Tip head with propolis. Believe it or not, that worked for me like a charm, even facing the situation of having to live together with two sick co-workers. I didn't end up like Jeremy Zawodny and have gained a better resistance and willingness to read Tim Bray's article about Jython.

[Listening to: Yvette In English - David Crosby - Thousand Roads (05:55)]