Sunday, April 24, 2005

Folksonomy Sartori

As I was tagging my recent photos in Flickr, something struck me hard in the head. I was using the tag "Trips" for the photos of a travel I did in 1998 to Europe. But I've noticed that "Trips" is an ambiguous word, for it can means either "traveling" or "drug driven experiences". Moreover, the tag "travel" has already been released in the wild inside the Flickr universe, so why not be leveraged by it? Immediately, Thomas Vander Wal's spirit descended upon me and put me closer to other folks that are using the same tag. Somehow, I felt a structural connection with others human beings, a relationship created by a common cultural practice. It is as simple as name an imaginary friend, but it gives empowerment to the people. There is a "revolution going on in the art and science of categorization", as said the prophet Bruce Sterling.