Thursday, October 28, 2004

Skype Over Beethoven

Now I'm talking with my friend Mark Abene through Skype. He is in Queens, NY, and I'm in São Paulo, SP. This little piece of VoIP tchotchkes made this miraculous bridge happens, I can tell you. I can hear a chain gang busting into Mark's house carrying several bags of tacos now. They are eating and playing Mark's arcade and talking about the World Series that will be over tonight (David Blumenstein, one of the gang, says that Boston Red Sox will sweep the series from St. Louis Cardinals). Meanwhile the gang play and I try to convince Mark that 2600 Hacker Quarterly still put out good stuff, David calmly watches The West Wing on NBC (I guess he has a crush on C.J., I don't know). I'm also trying to convince them to stop the US political quagmire and go to the ballots next Tuesday. C'mon, boys, GWB and Kerry are in a statistical dead heat and every vote counts now. How can you put up with that stalemate? Do you need a stimulus? Then run and watch the last Eminem's videoclip.

[ Czerkinsky - Natacha ]